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Casket Blanket - CLS-02 Lace
Complete Burial 5 Pcs
Crowns of Glory
Jewel 2 Pc Sets

“LH Design”

In the death care industry, there are several reposing garment companies competing for the business of sales.  Moreover, remaining with the consistency of ever changing apparel designs with the on the move/living society, why not continue the fashion legacy upon one’s final farewell appearance or reposed state.  LH Design competitive advantage affirm its products will be the leading manufacturer and sales company to fulfill that fashion legacy.  In addition, LH Design offer a custom concierge service and illustrate ways to contour the look of the burial garment for a memorable lasting view.  LH Design ultimate gesture, is to provide an outstanding and profound customer service.  LH Design unlike no other competitor, known, provides more than a product.  We extend several professional services to our clients

  • Proficient and professional team members that can complete orders on short deadlines

  • Provide custom dressing techniques to ensure a great fitted burial garment for all clients

  • Custom Conceirge Services

  • Offer great discounts & promotions

  • Excellent Customer Service about our products and services

  • Provide a marketing strategy for a display room that will not only sale burial garments but, convert any casket into a custom jewel case.

  • Our team members have at least worked in a prep/dressing room so they know what is needed to ensure a nice presentation

  • We are a virtual company without a lot of overhead costs or strict corporate rules, which saves time, money and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done at great prices!

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